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Declan & JJ Smitts

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After sucking each other’s cocks and rimming holes, Declan is up first for getting fucked. JJ jerks Declan’s cock while pounding his hole. Declan is squirming around and you can tell it he is close to cumming. They switch it up, this time JJ getting fucked on his back. I made sure to warn Declan to not play to much with JJ’s cock when fucking him like this, telling him JJ tends to cum super-fast. Since JJ cums so easily while being fucked, I actually wanted to see if JJ could cum while getting fucked doggie-style. Declan flips him over and JJ takes his cock with a little bit of struggle. With his face planted in the bed, Declan’s angle of attack was not hitting his prostate. I tell JJ to stay more upright and that did the trick for both of them. And then we get one of the best-timed cumshots. Declan strokes his cock and juices JJ’s hole. Meanwhile JJ is jerking his own cock, cumming about a minute after Declan creampies his hole. There is cum flying and oozing everywhere!


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