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Garrett Kinsley & Brian Gibson

Garrett Kinsley & Brian Gibson
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The minute this scorcher opens with Garrett Kinsley slamming Brian Gibson against the wall and ripping off their shirts, you know you’re in for epic smash scene! After some heavy handed ass grabbing, the guys move to the bed where Kinsley gets his king sized cock cleaned by Brian. For his next trick, the suck slut hops up and straddles Garett’s gorgeous mug, face fucking the dude with his extra thick, uncut dick. The dirty talking twinks take it to the next level when Brian eases that ass back and swallows the entire length of his boy’s big beast. He bucks up and down on the beefy bone while Kinsley cracks his incredible ass hard enough to leave a hot, hand brand, which stays with B for the duration of the dicking. The raw ride riles Gibson up, and he orders his fuck buddy onto all fours for deep tonguing. After eating that ass like an animal, Brian bangs the breaks off the boy, while Kinsley kicks that tight can right back at him for an even harder hammering. Once he’s bucked Brian’s beast like a wild bronco, Garrett goes back to topping his twink, tearing into that ass with the boy on his back. He bangs his boner in deep, grasping Gibson’s ankles and thick thighs as Brian beats his own meat till it blows. His uncut cock splatters his young happy trail with a tidal wave of twink toss just as his potty mouthed pretty boy command he cum all over himself. Kinsley’s cock is ready to roar. He jacks his giant and shivers with pure pleasure as his piece pours porn putty all over Gibson’s tight torso. He smacks his cock against Brian’s, rubs his wank all the way up the boy, then finishes him with a superstar kiss.


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