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Boy Danny – Chapter 1: The Grooming

Boy Danny – Chapter 1: The Grooming
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Danny is a sweet boy. You can see on his face so much of who he is. His eyes hide nothing. His cheeks flush red under his porcelain skin. Even his mouth betrays him, breathing heavily when he’s nervous or excited… When I first saw Danny, I could see he was waiting. Waiting for someone to take him and guide him. Waiting to be told what to do and how to be. For the little guy, it was clear he needed someone to dominate him. As I looked over his body, I was impressed with how strong and capable he was. He didn’t stand very tall, but he had a natural broadness to his chest and arms. He was untrained and undisciplined, possessing only the natural talents of the flesh. His fresh, youthful face was stuck in the look of a lost boy, waiting for a father figure to tell him everything would be alright. I must confess, that makes the fruit all the sweeter! That deep, emotional hunger… That’s hard to fake. Hard to teach. To make a boy desperate for a man… It’s a gift! When I pulled off his clothes, I saw his smooth, strong back and perfectly round ass. His balls hung behind, as if begging to be toyed with. I pressed my face deep into his ass, tasting his most precious area, feeling him melt on the tip of my tongue as I invaded his body. Looking up over the shelf of his backside, I could see his hand clutch onto the edge of the stool, bracing himself as the pleasure washed over him. He needed this! Every cell in his body was activating and wakening, finally given purpose and meaning as I rimmed his hole… His soft skin was like butter, silky and smooth as I caressed him. I gazed upon his naked flesh. Were it not for the tattoos that adorned him, I would have thought this was a fresh babe, untouched and pure. But in his face, his sweet, boyish face, I could see that innocence. The desirable expression and focus of a young virgin. As I prepared him, examining him and teasing him, I had to remember that he was being groomed for sale. To be purchased and owned. It was hard to think this boy wouldn’t be mine. As he was, he was practically perfect. And sure to demand a high price… This week on BoyForSale, Danny is brought in to be groomed by the scruffy daddy, Master Ballard. Danny’s fresh, boyish face is the envy of his peers, and Master Ballard knows he’s sure to demand a high price at auction!


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