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Malec Plays Travis

Malec Plays Travis
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Hey, we all know Travis loves to get drilled. We know a hard dick pounding his hole totally drives him wild, and I suspect one of the reasons he returned to CF after being away for several years is he was eager to get fucked long, hard, and deep again. Some of our most memorable episodes involve Travis getting fucked, and we get to now add this pairing with Malec to that list. Malec is tan, buff, and built. More importantly, though, this handsome young man is a total natural when it comes to fucking – he can be passionate and dominant, his dick simply does not quit, and he knows how to work over a fellow CF stud’s hole. The best evidence Malec knows how to fuck? Travis’ wails and moans and the look on his face as Malec drills him here. The harder and deeper he fucks Travis, the more Travis gets almost obsessed – he’s screaming and begging for more, writhing around and pleading with Malec to keep going. Malec holds nothing back, and that’s precisely what Travis wanted and needed!


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