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Lucas Miller & Ransom – Serviced

Lucas admitted during his solo interview that he loved getting head. He said he could sit around for hours and be orally serviced. I have felt like I have not done a traditional Serviced video in a while, so despite Lucas being gay and likely down for more, I set up the shoot for a standard Servicing. Ransom has been wanting to get back in the game, and he is one of my most skilled blow-job ninjas.

I had told him this was a straight-up servicing video, so got in the zone. But it turned out Lucas wanted to have some cock to play with and even sucks Ransom back for a bit. Ransom was not totally prepared, having jerked-off that morning, but he continues to surprise me. Ransom jerks on Lucas’s cock until a load is shooting out into his mout. It took some effort, but he pulled that load out of him! And despite all the energy he spent getting Lucas off, Ransom grabs his semi-erect cock and within minutes is adding his own load to Lucas’s cum pile!

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