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The Warm Down – Justin Cross & Zack Love

The Warm Down – Justin Cross & Zack Love
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Zack Love has just finished working out with trainer Justin Cross. It went so well, in fact, that it’s Justin who’s exhausted! He plops down on Zack’s bed for a rest but Zack, pumped with excitement from the rush of testosterone, is interested in a different sort of work out. One that consists of plenty of kissing, nipple teasing and feeling up the body of the man who just put him through the wringer. Undeterred by Justin’s tiredness, Zack takes that huge fat cock in his mouth and gets it hard. Justin, no longer tired, kicks back and enjoys Zack’s blowjob. He returns the oral favor while jerking himself off, but Zack really needs dick. He’s soon on his knees again, taking down as much of Justin’s cock as he can. After a while, Justin commands Zack to stand and turn around. Stroking himself, and getting harder by the second, Justin fingers Zack’s hole. After impaling himself on Justin’s meaty shaft, the twink fucks himself bareback, riding the big cock while jerking off. Justin then takes Zack on all fours, fucking him like a dog. Justin gets Zack out of bed, flips him over the desk, and goes to town, pounding and thrusting and stretching out the twink’s hole. Back on the bed, with Zack face up, Justin slides home once more and screws like a madman, fucking the cum out of Zack before delivering a hefty load of his own, leaving Zack filthy and coated with all that sperm.


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