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Ethan Wilder & Jacob Dolce – Whoremasters

Is there anything hotter than seeing handsome young guys in fresh and very sexy pants? You’d certainly be tempted to think that when you watch Jacob Dolce and Ethan Wilder laid out on the bed together at the start of this fabulous escapade; but once Dolce is encouraged to reach inside his mate’s tight briefs you realise that seeing these lads out of their underwear is even fucking hotter! A fact that’s only underlined several times over when we get to watch the blond boy slobber over Wilder’s handsome ramrod like a bitch on heat.

Not that Wilder is any less enthusiastic when it comes to his opportunity to feast on hard dick in return; but you quickly get the impression that his main interest lies elsewhere, and it’s not long before the dark-haired bud has transferred his attention to his pal’s hairless pucker, which he energetically rims. Suffice it to say that it’s not long before Wilder is taking his mate doggy-style; ramming every inch of meat into Dolce’s rear and skewering the boy like the bitch he clearly is. Cue a truly fantastic display of guy-on-guy action that’ll get you jerking off for sure; topped off by the sight of young blondie gobbling away at Wilder’s erupting knob-head!

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