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Conquering Kingston – Dominic & Kingston

Conquering Kingston – Dominic & Kingston
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Dominic is the lucky BBA “top” assigned the enviable task of popping Kingston’s sweet cherry. It’s been almost exactly one year since Dominic was the one in Kingston’s place, with Apollo walking HIM through his first bottoming scene. So he can easily relate to the fear and anxiety that accompany a big step like this, as he follows admirably in Apollo’s footsteps by coaching Kingston through his first time. “I’m gonna take my time,” Dominic calmly reassures an understandably terrified Kingston. “In the BEGINNING!” he adds with a slightly sadistic smile. Watch as this once-defiant straight boy resorts to doing just about EVERYTHING he swore he’d never do for a huge amount of cash – including kissing, sucking dick, and most shocking of all, finally BENDING OVER and GETTING FUCKED for the very first time!


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