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Zander and Javier Taking Turns

Sexy guys Zander Lane and Javier Cruz are ready to have some fun together, making out and getting a taste of each other as they take turns sucking those fat cocks. Zander goes down on Javier first, face buried in Javier’s stomach as Zander pushes that cock down his throat. And Javier makes sure to work Zander’s prick until it’s throbbing hard, his tongue and lips feeling that dick pulse beneath them before Zander gets Javier on the bed to eat some ass. Rimming Javier’s hole, Zander plays with himself while his tongue traces circles around Javier’s ass until that hole is nice and wet and these guys are ready to fuck.

Javier takes Zander’s prick in his tight hole, his ass stretching as Zander enters him and starts to push deeper, thrusting that cock farther inside as Javier takes every inch. But when Javier’s sore hole needs a break, they flip and Zander gets a turn bottoming, climbing onto Javier’s lap and riding him as Javier takes a break and enjoys that tight ass around his member. When they’re close to cumming, Zander lies back on the bed and lets Javier drive that dick deeper until Javier fucks the jizz out of Zander and pulls out quick to shoot his own load!

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