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Brotherhood of Games Chapter 3: Work Hard, Play Hard – Francis Gerard & Edwin Mendez

Brotherhood of Games Chapter 3: Work Hard, Play Hard – Francis Gerard & Edwin Mendez
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Francis Gerard, Edwin Mendez 17 minutes It’s time to work for Francis … Poor boy, clean and clean with his white jockstrap on, because he’s hot. The Brotherhood of Games can help you, how? In this new episode, El Maestre will send help to our working boy. Not everything is work in life, so if you work hard, you have to play hard. The doorbell rings. At the door appears a very sexy delivery Boy, Edwin, with tattoos, piercings and a very manly attitude. He delivers a mysterious package to Francis on behalf of El Maestre. Which may be? The boy opens the package eagerly. It is a toy for the young man to have fun: a pink dildo. Francis loves the gift that will distract him from work, but he has no one to use it with … Edwin offers to penetrate him with the new toy and the joy returns to his face. Francis leans on the table, delivered, with his tail ready to be penetrated by the delivery boy. Enjoy with little moans of that pleasure that knocked on your door and that now makes you see the stars. The dealer treats it firmly, dominates it. Francis surrenders more and more, submissive and willing to be penetrated with his cock. Edwin covers his mouth but is willing to fulfill his wish. He takes the cock out of his pants and penetrates him hard, not without first sucking his ass well. From then on they will go through various positions, catching like animals and with great force. Francis will enjoy like never before and will get all the semen out of the delivery boy. The Master does not waste time when it comes to recruiting new boys, he is able to go into their homes and give them what they want. And not just with a boy ringing the bell, in the next episode of “Brotherhood of Games” he himself will get into the bed of two boys and make them compete with pleasure. Find out in the next level of the game, titled “The Competition.”


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