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Light My Fire – Dylan Hayes & Micah West

Light My Fire – Dylan Hayes & Micah West
Dylan Hayes and Micah West are on a romantic getaway at a picturesque cabin in the woods. Mr. Hayes likes to keep things hot; so, he suggests they light a fire; so, Michael heads heads outside to chop some wood. Back inside he ignites Dylan’s desires with a kiss and a night of ferocious, fired up fucking begins! Dylan heads down to check out West’s quickly thickening wood and licks the lad’s extra large logon his knees while marveling at the magnificence of Micah’s meat. After dining like a king on that colossal cock, West offers his services and plants his perfect lips around Dylan’s thick dick while Hayes helps him out with a hand on the back of his head. Pretty boy Dylan is delicious on BOTH sides and shows off that bubbled up back side by bending over the couch. Micah can’t resist munching the dude’s smooth, dick hungry hole and tongue blasts the boy’s butt beautifully, opening him up for a raw ride on his big bareback rig. Hayes hops his heated hind end onto Micah’s massive tool and takes it for a rough, rump ramming ride. Horned up and hypnotized, West keeps gazing between pretty boy’s face and fat phallus, each equally hot! Then, the strong dirty blond top lifts Hayes in the air only to put him on his back and bring the hammer down extra hard while Dylan begs for that dick. With West’s wide weapon slamming his hot spot Dylan’s dick explodes, splashing hot horny heat all over his tight, tan torso! Even after he pops, Dylan wants more dick and plants his pretty face right by Micah’s meat, getting a gorgeous mouthful of sticky mung all over his mug and tongue. But, that isn’t enough for this insatiable slut! He deep throats West’s dick once more, making sure to drain every last lick of liquid lust before kissing his boy full on the lips as the fire continues to burn……


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