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Tayte Hanson & Zach Astor

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Hot and hung Zach Astor makes his pro porn debut at CockyBoys and Tayte Hanson is back to introduce him…and take his huge cock! Talking about sex gets Zach hard and Tayte knows just how to turn him on even more! He showers Zach with adoring attention and hot kisses, reaches in his pants to feel Zach’s growing cock, and Tayte shows this is making HIM hard too. When Tayte gets his hard cock out, Zach doesn’t hesitate in sucking him just as Tayte commands him. But Tayte really wants Zach’s cock and when he finally pulls it out, the half-hard monster flops out. Tayte attentively uses his hand, mouth and throat to make Zach grow and when Tayte’s sexual excitement accelerates, he boldly eases his hole on the thick cock and rides it every which way they both like. After humping the big dick, Tayte and Zach switch roles: Tayte dismounts and as commanded, he bends over to play with his hole as Zach watches and strokes his still growing cock. Finally when he gets Tayte to beg for it, Zach slowly slides in and pounds him deep with growing intensity. But before they both go over the edge, they bring it down and Zach pulls out to finger and tongue Tayte’s near-wrecked hole. Zach resumes owning Tayte’s hole with more deep drilling from behind before flipping him over to plow him. With Tayte’s guidance, Zach finds the optimum position to grind in on the sweet spot to make Tayte shoot his load. Zach is close too and lies back stroking until his swollen cock head erupts and gives Tayte an open mouth facial. Tayte sucks him clean and gives him another passionate kiss that translates as “Welcome to CockyBoys, Zach!”


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