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Edging hung daddy Phillip

Edging hung daddy Phillip
Edging hung daddy Phillip reminds me earlier videos with sexy daddies like him, pretty nervous and orally deprived men, if you know what I mean, that never thought to find in a place like BeefCakeHunter Land the hand, and the “mouth” they needed. Beefcake Phillip works as a landscaper with plans to open his own Landscaping business and need to buy tools, but it has rained a lot in town, so he hasn’t be able to work for a week, but luckily we crossed paths and BCH here again to the rescue of straight men in need 🙂 With her girlfriend’s blessing Phillip came to work, and he was very upfront at telling me that he was anxious, but pretty soon I engaged him in a conversation about pussies (sorry guys), a subject that went too long that I had to cut several minutes out of the video, lol, but well it did the trick to relax him. I could tell that he wasn’t lying when he said that his cock is almost eight inches, it was not hard or fully hard for a little while even when I was using all my techniques lol, but I knew that once that dick would get hard, the dynamic would change for him and me , at least for a few minutes, and then I realized I was actually Edging daddy Phillip! I was not wrong, once Phillip’s cock got hard, it was a beautiful thing to see and this sexy daddy face reactions are priceless, I was edging him and he wanted to cum a couple of times, but at the end he did a great job holding it for the sake of the show.