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Finally kissing Justin

Finally kissing Justin
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Finally kissing Justin video belongs to the saga of trying to push the boundaries of some BCH legends! This time was for our favorite Polish cock who I pushed; it was not easy but for sure it was worth it every second of it. It was a Friday night after a long day of waiting the results for “rona”, and when they finally arrived it was reason for celebration, so why not a couple of shots of whiskey, after all is not the first time Beefcake Justin and I are having some drinks. Part of the conversation was why he lost a tooth! Poor thing got in a fight, again! The problem is that, and I have seen Justin in action, he is very talkative and smooth with the women, he can easy pick one or two at any bar, and some guys don’t like that, they see this tall sexy man as a competition, not to mention that neither the girls nor the jealous guys know about the big surprise he has under his pants lol Anyways, after the breve chat, I got on my knees so excited not only to suck his beautiful cock after months into this pandemic but also to see how excited he gets as well knowing that he was about to be serviced! Then, I tried to repeat the great scene at the bathroom of BeefCakeHunter Land with Beefcake Christian, but I guess I had too many glasses of whiskey already, and it did not come out quietly as good as I was expecting, my bad Hunters, but the big J like always saved the day for me! Once back on the bed and right before Finally kissing Justin, I got on side and Justin fucked me in that position, it felt so amazing in having him so close, it was the perfect warming before the kiss, a kiss that he was a little reluctant to give me, but like I stated above, it worth every second, it was longer and…well, just watch the video please . Then I jerked him off to squeeze his creamy cum, I thought I had to use a lot my hands, but Justin exploded faster than I expected! I hope you guys enjoy this Finally kissing Justin video.


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