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You Gon’ Do Me Like That? – King Ant & Manny Killa

Both Manny Killa and King Ant have provided us with some truly unforgettable performances in 2018, and each earned themselves large and passionate fan bases in record time as a result.

They’ve already met and hung out socially on several of our recent BBA trips, and immediately hit it off as good friends. But despite an obvious mutual attraction and funny flirtation that has not gone unnoticed by me or Montez, they’ve never actually done anything together on camera – UNTIL NOW!

Enjoy a front-row seat for this long overdue late-night encounter between two of BBA’s most strikingly attractive and popular bisexual stars that includes lots of passionate tongue-kissing, dick-swallowing, ass-eating, and even some freaky toe-sucking. As well as a good old-fashioned rough and raw dick-down from Manny Killa, reclaiming his preferred role as an aggressive and insatiable “top” with something to prove after giving up his own ass so much lately.

He tries his best to take his time and be gentle at first, knowing this is ​something King Ant claims that he never does off camera. But it isn’t long before he gets so caught up in the heat of the moment that next thing you know, he’s pushing King Ant onto the floor and aggressively POUNDING the subdued ​top’s​ tight ass like he plans on taking it home as his own!

“​You gon’ do me like that?!?​” ​King Ant​ ​grunts and groans in stunned and almost embarrassed disbelief ​as he reluctantly surrenders his cute little muscle-butt to his THICKEST DICK yet….

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