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Tends Up Cousins – Leicy Lucco, Gabriel Becker & Ric Vilarimm

Tends Up Cousins – Leicy Lucco, Gabriel Becker & Ric Vilarimm
Leicy and his cousins ​​decide to spend an afternoon in a park camping. After chatting loudly and having fun, he ends up taking a nap inside his cousins’ tent. Gabriel and Ric are excited to see Leicy’s hot ass prancing while he is sleeping and they got excited. The two can’t resist and start running their hands over it, squeezing it and feeling it with great desire. During the situation, Leicy wakes up and scolds them, but when they leave the tent, the weather starts to warm up among the three, in the way you know well, so Leicy decides to take them to his home, where they can enjoy it better and enjoy it more. . Leicy confesses to them that he has never done a DP (double penetration) before, and both confirm that neither have they and both are curious to try it, so the three loved the idea. Leicy is enchanted by the cocks of the two and does not waste time and begins the ritual with a beautiful delicious and soft blowjob on Gabriel’s cock. A very white, soft, thick and super juicy cock with a pink head. Then, Ric can’t resist seeing Leicy just suck Gabriel and invites him to suck him too, leaving him more enchanted with his delicious dowry. With two delicious cousins ​​and two super-well-cunted cocks, Leicy feels like a paradise, where nothing and no one can disturb his moment. While Gabriel and Ric receive that wonderful blowjob from Leicy, both begin to kiss intensely and with much desire. The two took off their clothes and sit on the couch, while Leicy sucks on his turtledoves very horny. After the weather is very hot, Leicy is on all fours on the armchair and the two cousins ​​took advantage of his fleshy and delicious ass, taking turns between them, while fucking it with much desire and lust. ‘Tends up Cousins ​​’ is the type of film that will make you horny and make you fantasize a lot while watching it.


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