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Levi Karter & Sharok – New Day

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In the NEW DAY finale, Levi Karter & Sharok find inspiration in the fresh snow to reflect on this stressful year, appreciate what they have, and look forward with hope & promise to the year ahead. LA man Sharok may not be all in for the cold weather, but he is excited to finally get together with Levi and make out with him indoors. Sharok holds Levi in his arms, his lips traveling up & down Levi’s ripped torso and back up to his mouth. Sharok is revved up even more as Levi sucks his nipples and they engage in mutual nipple play. After much teasing, the cocks come out and Sharok is treated to Levi’s deep-throat sucking… while leaning forward to eat his ass. They keep going, glued together in a two-fold 69 until Sharok bends Levi over to rim him more and dominate his ass, pounding him from behind and on top. Sharok takes a little break to tongue Levi’s hole, but soon resumes drilling him with increasingly aggressive but affectionate passion. Sharok takes Levi from the side before lying him back to suck him and rim him. Soon, Sharok rams into Levi only stopping to give him oral pleasure. Sharok also gets some cocksucking from Levi and face-fucks him. Sharok takes him from behind again but soon tosses him on the bed for Levi to ride him. Sharok wants to see Levi cum and he makes it happen with piston engine fucking until Levi shoots a load hands-free! This drives Sharok into an intense orgasm inside Levi, who uses his hole to literally squeeze & milk Sharok’s cock! In turn Sharok soon pulls out to shoot a big thick load again in Levi’s crack. As Levi sits on top of a totally spent Sharok and kisses him, it’s clear who was really in control.


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