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Secret admirer – Flakael & Leicy Lucco

Secret admirer – Flakael & Leicy Lucco
Secret admirer Flakael is the kind of cool and relaxed guy who enjoys a good hunk and one has an incredible and seductive vibe. To get out of boredom, he looks for something to entertain himself during his free time. While he searches on his cell phone what to do, he ends up finding a video of the dance teacher Leicy on the internet and gets all excited. Leicy woke up excited and in order to do a beautiful hot handjob, and when watching videos on the internet he is faced with a delicious video of Flakael hitting a very delicious shame making his mouth full of mouth. Leicy does not resist and ends up enjoying a lot with the video he watched and does not deny that he is a great admirer of Flakael. During the night, the two are strolling down the avenue and end up stumbling on the street and one recognizes the other’s face declaring to each other their great admiration for the work. Leicy is happy that Flakael loves his dance videos and invites him over to his apartment to teach the boy some steps, he agrees and the two go to the place together. Once there, Leicy does not deny his great admiration for Flakael and declares that he loves watching his videos making the boy ashamed. After all this statement, Leicy teaches Flakael a few steps and he is all excited by the teacher’s touches. When finished, Leicy praises Flakael’s wiggle, which is red with shame for the compliments. Leicy wastes no time and throws a proposal to Flakael asking for some lessons from the choreographies he does in his videos (the way you know). Flakael came right away, even if embarrassed, after all he has no way of resisting that delicious body of Leicy Lucco. Leicy starts stroking Flakael’s cock over his shorts and then drops his mouth on his delicious cock , smelling and licking with all desire and with a lot of water in his mouth, letting the boy close his eyes with so much lust. Leicy takes off his clothes and Flakael falls on his mouth in his greedy ass, licking his ass turning Leicy crazy with pleasure. Leicy is on all fours prepared to receive a beautiful cock from Flakael, who wastes no time and fucks Leicy’s asshole with great desire, punching hard and making the slut delirious and roll on his mega hard cock. Leicy changes position and is riding very tasty on top of Flakael’s cock who is moaning with pleasure, threatening to roll up his tail. This time, Flakael puts Leicy in missionary and does not let it cheap, he eagerly fucks that hot and soft ass of Leicy, making his great admirer moan with pleasure and roll his eyes and so horny. Secret Admirer is the type of movie that will make you delirious with lust and fantasize about the delicious rolls of Flakael and the greedy ass of Leicy Lucco.


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