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Squeezing Jameer two weeks thick load

Squeezing Jameer two weeks thick load after worshipping his delicious cock and balls for a long time was just simply amazing!

Beefcake Jameer is a shy straight young dude that works night shifts as a Security Guard, and we all know that Security Guards are usually horny straight dudes with a lot of time to think about sex at work. Besides that, sexy Jameer has no official girlfriend, gets only a couple of blow jobs PER YEAR! And of course, he can use some extra bucks. He has all the right ingredients for a perfect recipe for BeefCakeHunter paradise!

This sexy mixed young dude was so nervous at first, that I even got a little uncomfortable. But after chatting, little by little I guess we both got in a better mood, especially when I got on my knees and I discovered his bushy pubic area, we love that at BCH right?

Anyways, after pulling his shorts and underwear down, I made him move to the edge of the bed for a better angle, the couch was too low for get a nice glance of his tasty pair of balls and perfect thick cock!

At the beginning of Squeezing Jameer two weeks thick load I started by gently licking his balls and slowly swallowing his dick. As soon as he started to get hard, I moved to his side, something that I don’t usually do in first encounters, but it proved to be a good move, since that put Jameer cock in full erection, I got so excited that I dared to kiss his nipples, and his reaction was better than expected!

A few minutes later I got back on my knees, listening to his moaning, watching him close his eyes from pleasure, made me go into a frenzy myself. That he at some point asked me to slow down or he may cum too soon! Hmm.

So, with the right speed and squeezing his cock just the way he told me he likes it, I ended up Squeezing Jameer two weeks thick load. So thick, so fresh smelling, that I regret not swallowing the whole thing! But well I hope there will be another opportunity, we both were surprised at the end, like he said it: it was better than he had thought!

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