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Christian fucked me missionary

It has been a while since we got this sexy dude at BeefcakeHunter Land, who won the 2018 Sexiest Beefcake alive contest! If you don’t know what I am talking about, at the end of last year we did a poll in our Tweeter account, and he got the most votes, I am looking to do the same at the end of this year 😉

We have been trying to do this scene for quite a while, but sexy Beefcake Christian is a hardworking man, and our schedules were conflicting. He even calls me some days in the middle of the night to do the shooting, but like a good Hunter, I was sleeping LOL. I know, I know, I should be ready for those booty calls LOL

So we shot almost at midnight one lucky day, and like always we had a long and nice chat about everything, including that he has his own soundtrack at BCH. He was surprised and it seems that he liked it, but then we got down to business and I found myself on my knees servicing Christian’s beautiful big cock, he seemed a little anxious to get a warm mouth on his cock, which increased my enthusiasm , I mean what seasoned cock sucker, wouldn’t ?

Then Christian fucked me missionary with such energy and gentleness that I totally got submergesd in the moment. That cock really went deep into my man-pussy hmm, at some points I got so close to him that I couldn’t help myself and thinking of how hot a kiss from him would be J.

The fuck was long enough but I noticed that Christian was kind of holding the orgasm thinking that he may need to switch positions in order to cum, but I remembered some Hunters’ suggestions to let the man finish naturally, and that is exactly what I told him: just cum whenever you are ready to cum. He was surprised and asked me like he thought maybe he didn’t listen right, but after I confirmed to him, he just released a great orgasm and wow, that was one of the hottest things I ever experienced. I hope you guys enjoy this Christian fucked me missionary video!

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