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Donnie Marco & Lior Hood

Brand new year, brand new men. There’s nothing we like more than offering a warm hand for our debut gents, and here’s two feisty, furious fuckers up for fun. Sexy, shave headed Lior Hood is our rampant, rump-pumper, and tall, dark and handsome Donnie Marco is a very willing, some-might-say-overly willing bottom boy – when a boy luvs a dicking – he really luvs it – and does he ever!? Lior slam dunks this hottie, giving his mouth, throat and hole a right royal ploughing and sexy, cheeky Donnie obviously luvs it – judging by the amount of thick stick seed he spills. Lior is a top top guy, luv that shaved head and that matt of chest hair just asking for to be stroked, hmmm but thats a nice trip down, chest to belly to pubic hair to fat, uncut cock and big weighty balls – and carpeted all the way!

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Added: 25-01-2019 Duration: 19 min. Genre: Amateur, Bareback, Hairy, Lad Channel: Featuring: , Views:
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