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Jake Spencer Taking Marcus Rivers Like He Has Never Been Fucked

Jake Spencer and Marcus Rivers looks exceptionally cute together, and they’re ready to fuck hard and cum hard as they start to make out. Marcus goes down on Jake in no time, eager to taste that sweet and salty prick as he takes it in his mouth and gets him hard with that wet and warm tongue. Of course, Jake returns the favor, giving Marcus head too until they’re both rock hard and ready to fuck as Marcus climbs on top of Jake, straddling his lap and lowering his tight little ass onto that waiting dick.

Jake’s throbbing cock pierces Marcus’s taught hole, stretching him open as he gets deeper and Marcus starts to ride it raw, moving his hips against Jake’s dick as he fucks himself on it. But Jake wants to take control, getting it harder and faster, laying Marcus back on the couch and entering him bareback again as Marcus moans beneath him. Jake shows no mercy as he pushes his full length into that ass, maneuvering Marcus into any position he wants as he fucks him deeper and harder until both these horny guys can’t hold back anymore. Cum spills from each of them as they push out every last drop and catch their breath as they ride out that amazing feeling!

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