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Caio Plows Lean Latin Leicy Sposito

Caio Plows Lean Latin Leicy Sposito
Brazil is a land of many colors living and loving happily together. Leicy Sposito is pale, bearded and handsome, a perfect Latin white guy with tattoos and a big appetite for cock. Caio is a dark and sexy Latin stud with a huge cock to ram into his bareback buddies. In the hotel room they kiss and warm up with hands around each others’ muscular butts. Leicy gets a handful of Caio’s big knob and knows exactly what he wants. Caio steps up onto the bed and gives his buddy a meaty mouthful for starters. Leicy also knows what a tough top like Caio wants and lies on the bed with his round booty in the air. Caio kneels behind and dives in to taste that hot asshole. He licks and slicks that butthole, lets Leicy suck his stiff rod till it’s time to drill in and get fucking. Leicy climbs right on and grinds his hungry butt onto Caio. Caio moans when Leicy bounces his booty on the big brown raw cock. He can’t help thrusting up into Leicy’s sweet juicy ass. He slams in from above with Leicy gripping the sheets below. His heavy dark nuts smack into Leicy’s crack as the two raw fuckers speed up and go for it. Leicy grabs his dick and starts beating fast. “Ay querido” he groans when he sprays his sperm. Caio pulls out and milks a load onto his face in a powerful splatter.


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