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Patagonia Funny Adventure Part 3: The Boys of the Lake – Tommy Ameal & Antu Burghos

Patagonia Funny Adventure Part 3: The Boys of the Lake – Tommy Ameal & Antu Burghos
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In the third episode, while two boys enjoy the landscape that southern Argentina offers, one of them, Antu, confesses that he has never been with a boy. Tommy can’t believe it, he actually knows he was there, but he doesn’t care. They kiss and go to an outdoor corner with plants and a fountain. There, Antu kisses Tommy’s penis on the slip, still not releasing it but you can already see that Tommy is very erect. Then Tommy sticks his penis out of the side and Antu sucks it deep. These young guys heat up even the snowy places! They make a mutual, ardent masturbation to get the other’s semen, but no, there is still a need for that. Antu leans on the fountain to make her hairless tail ready to be licked by Tommy, who delicately spreads his buttocks and eager to suck his ass. After filling him well with saliva and dilating his anus, he grabs his huge, veiny cock and shoves it into his hole. Tommy fucks as active in a wild way, with a very big and hard cock. Antu receives with many moans of pleasure, grateful for such a male member. From there they go to the bedroom, where Antu spreads his legs on the bed to be penetrated again by Tommy. Antu touches himself while being fucked, then turns around and gets into the doggy position to get rammed again. Thus, Tommy unloads his milk on Antu’s hairless ass that does not stop moaning, then he penetrates it with the semen to put it in his anus. With all that fever and with the help of Tommy, Antu masturbates and finishes a lot of semen… And there is even more for Antu in the next episode, “Hot Trekking”, because while enjoying a walk along the shore of the lake, he meets Vincent , another guy with glasses, like him, who is going to add to his list of men with whom he had sex. Let us accompany him!