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Boris & Chad Taylor

Boris & Chad Taylor
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In retrospect, I might have been a little too ambitious with the cocks I set Boris up with. He does identify as straight, but he does love anal stimulation. Just not a HUGE amount of stimulation. I think this is his first video that he didn’t flinch (much!). Not that Chad is not packing a decent cock, but Boris is a trim little guy, and he wasn’t being split in two and could relish the fucking. Oh, and about Chad’s lack of chest hair, which is a fan favorite. A couple days before the shoot he was finally convinced by his doctor to get an EKG. They shaved two spots on his chest, almost making a smiley face! He LOVES his body hair and was mortified. When he arrived, the two of us trimmed his chest up. The EKG was fine, but he said he was going in for a stress test, and I remember from my own. They stick all kinds of leads to your body, so may as well keep it trimmed. He promises he will be back with his body hair more intact. Anyway, this video is very good! Boris looks so happy getting fucked, and for me shooting alone, it was a dream that they connected and both came nearly at the same time!


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