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Acqua Latinos Part 2: Fluid Relationship – Felix Harris, Cesar Rose & Audrey Jones

Acqua Latinos Part 2: Fluid Relationship – Felix Harris, Cesar Rose & Audrey Jones
A couple of boys want to open up to experiment, adding another boy and thus having a threesome. Cesar and Audrey see the boy they love in the pool: Felix. A beautiful Latin boy who loves to have sex, the more the merrier. So they take him to the room, one of the boys of the couple masturbates while watching how Felix kisses and plays with his boyfriend. The guys get naked, they do an incredible masturbation to each other, things rise to a burning temperature, the boyfriend watches and fantasizes, his partner is sucking a stranger’s cock. Wow, that is really opening the relationship. Felix, while they suck him, takes the other’s penis and the three of them begin to enjoy themselves. Then the couple suck on Felix’s cock at the same time, while they kiss with the giant member in the middle. They kiss in three and … Audrey’s ass is ready to be penetrated, they finish it caressing and preparing. Now, in a very hot way, Audrey contorts herself to receive a penis from the front and the back, his mouth and his ass . .. Then the three of them turn on their sides and put together the famous threesome train, where one in the middle He penetrates and is penetrated at the same time, in a chain of very hot and bawdy sex. Felix ends up on the tail of one of the boys and pokes him on the buttocks full of milk… Then the couple finishes to finish, with much pleasure and moans, they cannot contain their cries of enjoyment. In the next episode, two rivals who play water volleyball are really looking forward to… This and more in “WATER VOLLEYBALL”.


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