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Sports: Let’s Play – Aaron Roberts & Silas Brooks

Sports: Let’s Play – Aaron Roberts & Silas Brooks
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Soccer stud Silas Brooks is practicing at the park, when his ball gets away from him, splashing cute twink Aaron Roberts’ drink everywhere. Roberts takes it on the chin, and Silas suggests they play together. The boy is actually really good, doing tricks, bouncing the ball on his knee. Brooks notices the dude’s skills, and wants some of that in his bed; so, he invites him over for another kind of ball play. Aaron knows what’s up, and the pair get right down to business at the house, kissing and stripping one another down. Roberts can’t keep his mind off Silas’ stretching schlong, and keeps teasing the big bulge till finally going for it, on his knees, like a good cock worshipping whore. After a job well done, Silas strips the young dude down and delivers a mind blowing blow job that has Aaron moaning and tossing his pretty head back. Not done with dinner, Brooks throws the twink’s legs overhead and eats that can like a cannibal. After the tasty treat, Silas tells the twink, “your getting fucked.” And, boy does he! Brooks bangs the boy out on his back with stern strokes, before beating that backside up in doggy. Next, our boys get sultry on their side causing a cum explosion from our beautiful bottom. He coats the sheets, and his smooth thigh with thick ropes. Then, Brooks adds to the party, nutting right in Aaron’s amazing ass, then shoving his spunk deep in the dude with a hard thrust. Talk about a day at the park!


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