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Jason Wolf & Todd Haynes

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Jason Wolf and Todd Haynes are both cock hungry studs eager to nut, but they know they have to be patient and put on a show for you as they get each other hot and horny. Making out, Jason is the first to get his mouth filled with dick as he goes down on Todd, pulling out Todd’s fat cock and sucking it as Todd thrusts his hips gently into Jason’s mouth. But after Todd’s received plenty of oral, Jason’s aching prick needs some wet lips around it and he lies back on the bed to let Todd get at that prick, his tongue tracing along the shaft before pulling Jason’s full member into his warm mouth. When both their cocks are throbbing hard, Jason climbs into Todd’s lap, straddling his erect prick as he slowly lowers his tight ass onto it, taking it balls deep as he rides him hard. After enjoying watching Jason bouncing up and down on his dick, Todd pushes Jason on his back and fucks him like that, legs spread and ass wide open as Todd pushes into him over and over. Jason moans gently, his own hand wrapped around his cock, pulling on his dick as Todd drives his prick deeper inside until he fucks the cum out of Jason and then pulls out to shoot his own load!