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Mickey Knox Introducing Drew Dixon

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There is a steadfast rule in gay porn: If a model’s johnson sticks up to the ceiling when filming starts, expect a sizzling scene. This week United Kingdom stud Drew Dixon is paired off with Mickey Knox and Drew is ready for some fun. The 2021 Grabbys European Porn Star of the Year makes out with Mickey. All that kissing makes both primed. After nibbling one of Drew’s nipples Mickey opens wide, swallowing Drew’s meat. “Oh, damn,” Drew whispers as Mickey sucks and fondles his balls. Mickey tries to reach the base but gags. “Oh, fuck. That is so nice,” he says, coming up for air and an intense kiss. Mickey returns to his blow job duties. “Oh, yeah. Just the head,” Drew suggests. Mickey follows this command. He makes sure to get the dick slick with spit because he knows where it will be going. Drew reaches over and slaps one of Mickey’s butt cheeks. “Let me taste that ass,” Drew remarks. He licks a finger and plays with Mickey’s hole. Mickey gets on his back and Drew puts that booty up so it faces the ceiling. Then Drew laps the boy hole up with lots of spit. “Your ass is good,” Drew declares. “All of it.” “This feels good,” Mickey replies. Drew’s tongue is doing excellent prep work, causing Mickey’s toes to curl. “I’m so excited to feel your cock,” Mickey says. “You want me to pound this ass,” Drew asks. Mickey’s smile is the only answer required. Drew puts a wad of spit on his tool and fills Mickey up. First the pounding is slow. Soon enough, Drew picks up speed. Going right to the balls. Mickey cries and whimpers, but takes it all. “Fuck. You feel amazing,” he moans. “Oh, my God. Please fuck me.” Drew is a respectful guest and does what’s asked. He even kisses some toes. “Fuck. That feels good,” Drew utters as he pulls out, pauses, and heads back inside. Mickey wants to do some of the work. Drew gets on his back so Mickey can straddle him. “Oh, fuck. That feels good,” Mickey observes as he rides Drew’s dick. The fucking is so intense Mickey stops because he almost nuts. They change positions; Mickey is still in control. Now his back faces Drew. “That’s it. Take that dick,” Drew orders. “Sit on my cock.” Mickey doesn’t have to be told twice. “God. I love it so much,” he says. “Big fucking dick in my ass.” Mickey gets on his hands and knees. Drew, before stuffing the hole, gives it one more pass over with his tongue. “Let’s get it nice and deep,” he utters as he fucks to the balls. “You are so deep,” Mickey replies. He puts his face in the mattress as Drew pummels away. “Fuck. You’re going to make me cum,” Mickey announces. Drew keeps deep diving until Mickey strokes a load over his hand and the sheets. “Oh, my God. I came so fucking hard,” Mickey states. Drew doesn’t pull out. His fucking is strong and deep. When he finally pulls out, he jerks his johnson until it explodes at the entrance of Mickey’s hole. He gives Mickey a few more strokes for good measure, slapping Mickey’ sweet ass when he’s done. “Damn. That was fun,” Mickey says as he falls into the bed. After calming down from all of that action make sure to stay for Drew’s interview. He talks about his travels in the United States, what his “perfect” dick looks like, topping, bottoming, versatility, and the Channel Tunnel.


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