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Marcus Rivers, Cole Blue & Legrand Wolf – Little Marcus & Wolf’s Kingsize Nurse

Marcus Rivers, Cole Blue & Legrand Wolf – Little Marcus & Wolf’s Kingsize Nurse
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Sitting on the medical table with his short legs dangling in the air, Marcys waited patiently for the door to open. And once it did, it was hard to mistake the beaming glow on his face. Dr. Wolf was back! Marcus stood still, trying to conceal his glee at the personal attention he was getting from the handsome physician. As Dr. Wolf moved around his body, stripping him down and poking and prodding his body, Marcus felt a rise in his shorts that he didn’t even bother to obscure. He wanted Dr. Wolf to see he was getting excited, and Dr. Wolf was visibly aroused as well. Dr. Wolf got an idea that made him even harder as he began to think out loud. “If you want, I could have my nurse come in… maybe he could have a little fun with us.” Dr. Wolf stepped out for a moment, leaving Marcus to play with his hard cock. As he leaned back on the table and stroked his cock, Dr. Wolf returned with his nurse, Cole. Cole began to remove his clothes, revealing his smooth athletic body and massive bulging underwear. It was clear Cole was nearly as hung as the older doctor! Dr. Wolf led Cole to stand at the exam table, placing Marcus on his back with his legs spread wide and up. Marcus’ hole was beautifully tight and slightly hairy. Cole stood almost a full foot taller than him, but with Marcus on his back, he was at the perfect height to slide his cock inside. Dr. Wolf watched, taking off his clothes piece by piece until he stood naked behind them. His monster cock hung between his long legs, growing in strength at the sight of his employee and his patient locked in passionate fornication. Moving forward, Dr. Wolf pressed his giant shaft between Cole’s cheeks, teasing his hole with his daddy dick as the young nurse continued to breed Marcus. Cole kept himself inside as he arched his back, presenting himself to his boss for penetration. Dr. Wolf masterfully slid himself inside, pushing into Cole’s body until he was balls deep.


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