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Brotherhood Sessions Part 1: I Wanna Be A Brother – Dave Andrew, Sly Conan & Aubin Durand

Brotherhood Sessions Part 1: I Wanna Be A Brother – Dave Andrew, Sly Conan & Aubin Durand
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In this episode of “Brotherhood of Games II”, we begin with the game sessions, where the boys submit to having group sex in front of other members of the sisterhood. This time Aubin, Dave and Sly have a spectacular threesome, commanded by El Maestre in front of a bunch of masked men who masturbate. He starts with one of them kneeling and blindfolded, while two others give him their lumps and very hot cocks. The boy sucks them obediently, eager for cock. The others masturbate and get hotter and hotter, their cock is very hard, the boy begins to suck them hard, he fills them with saliva, he sucks each one from the testicles to the tip, licks them and enjoys them , goes in and out of your mouth. Meanwhile, those who are not sucked masturbate their penises waiting for their turn. Then, he gets on the floor, showing his ass and is penetrated by one of these masked guys, with a giant penis. The huge cock goes in and out of her ass, which explodes, she can’t stop bouncing with a lot of dedication and relaxation. As they take turns penetrating him, he sucks someone else’s cock at the same time. Incredibly wild! They even penetrate it inverted on the floor. The adventure ends with all the penises around about to finish on the boy … Wow! Keep watching “Brotherhood of Games”. One, two, or more, players are always welcome.