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Edging Latino straight dude Ricardo

Edging Latino straight dude Ricardo
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Edging Latino straight dude Ricardo video couldn’t be more different from the previous week update, but like some Hunters have pointed out before, the variety of outcomes in every encounter is what BCH is all about. Sexy Beefcake Ricardo is unemployed now, but even for been in that situation, he was very hesitant to step in BeefCakeHunter Land and when he was finally ready, his main condition was to skip the initial conversation, something that I agreed to, but as you can see in this Edging Latino straight dude Ricardo video, I couldn’t help to try to get to know him better for the audience 🙂 He has a very nice, tanned skin with a lot of tattoos, he is not totally fit, but I find him very sexy, and that cock is thick and brown, so delicious! Too bad that he is very sensitive in the balls, you guys know how much I love to lick the Beefcakes balls, and Beefcake Ricardo has delicious balls that I could feast on, but I had to keep myself away from them, of course I forgot at times and I did lick them a bit lol, so many restrictions from him in this shooting that I was a little frustrated, now add to it that he was about to cum too early a couple of times… Anyways, his cock was hard from the beginning, and I did suck his cock head well most of the time, the problem was when I was going fast and deep, because that was edging him! During one of the pauses, I tried to relieve his anxiety by have him standing up by the billiard table, the view from there was so hot! I did my best to hold his cum until the moment I couldn’t stop, and I have to come to the terms that I couldn’t make him wait more to explode his abundant two days load, that I tried to swallow it, but he didn’t let me…. Something to clarify here, Beefcake Ricardo is super cool and talkative off cameras, so please don’t judge him bad, he was just nervous about the whole thing. I would suck him again in a heart bit, he is sexy, masculine and that cock is yummy!


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