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Interview Hotshots – Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox & Caleb Davis

Today we offer a ColbyKnox Halloween treat. We have been holding this plot driven video for a bit. The setting is the 1980s and Colby Chambers sits at an office desk, crunching numbers for Spinicker Media. His work is interrupted by a bothersome call. In the next scene, Mickey Knox and Caleb Davis drive on an isolated road. They hear a radio ad for a compact disc that can be purchased at a record store (ask your cool auntie what those words mean). There’s also a news clip about Leon Spinicker, a missing media executive. Caleb is nervous about his audition at Spinicker studios, but Mickey is the perfect hype man. “You got this” he says.”Don’t freak out. Relax.” They get to Spinicker headquarters and Mickey parks the car. “Okay,” Caleb says, opening the car door. “Wish me luck. “You’re not going to need it,” Mickey replies. At the front desk is Kimberly, a secretary. She directs Caleb to the office, making sure to get a second look of Caleb’s backside. He gets to Colby’s office and takes a seat. After looking at a few posters, all porn remakes of classic movies from the 1970s and 1980s, Caleb understands what type of films Colby makes. Colby describes Spinicker’s most ambitious project to date. Caleb is to be the lead but Colby needs to learn if he has the “passion” to carry the venture. Caleb smirks and shows he has “the goods.” From the way Caleb swallows everything Colby offers, it’s clear he’s ready for a close-up. As Caleb and Colby get more into the project’s “logistics,” Mickey is still in the car. From a radio interview, Mickey learns that Spinicker’s newest work is called “Carnal” and Colby has been substituting for the absent media executive. Mickey decides to wait in the company’s lobby. When we see Caleb and Colby again, Caleb is just in a jockstrap. A perfect look for the stud. As they make out, Colby grabs two hands of booty flesh. Eventually he gets on his knees and gives Caleb a blowjob, making him whimper and moan. Caleb pulls Colby up from his knees and lies on the desk. Colby continues his oral ministrations. He puts the aspiring actor’s feet on his shoulders; Colby enters that muscular ass. Caleb grabs the desk, holding on. “Fuck me,” Caleb sobs. “Say it again,” Colby orders. “Fuck me,” Caleb repeats. All that pounding pushes Caleb over the edge. He jerks a load, coating his abs and forearm. Colby keeps fucking, making that hole his special enterprise. Caleb squirms and moans, but doesn’t ask Colby to slow down or stop. As this serious ass breaking is going on, Mickey is still waiting. He anxiously looks at the door. As for Kimberly, it’s lunch time. She brings out her meal, putting on Walkman (ask your cool auntie) headphones. Mickey looks for something to read, discovering the movies Spinicker specializes in. He rushes to the back. The office door is open. First he hears the sex noises. Then he sees it all. Caleb, legs in the air, getting busted by Colby. Mickey stares, jerking his meat. Caleb turns his head and motions Mickey to join the fun. He enters the room, causing Colby to stop. “What’s this,” he demands. “Where the fuck is Kimberly?” “Can I join,” Mickey tentatively asks. Colby kisses him and returns to pounding Caleb. He gets a respite as Colby bends Mickey over. Mickey sucks on Caleb’s nipples as Colby fills up that smooth ass. “Kiss your friend,” Colby orders. Mickey and Caleb make out. Mickey’s moans fill the office. “Oh, fuck. Don’t stop,” he says. “You’re going to make me cum.” Mickey spurts his seed all over the desk. Colby nuts too, pulling out and jerking his man milk on Mickey’s hole and cheeks. Poor Kimberly is still working. “Boy. These interviews sure do take awhile,” she says to herself. As Mickey and Caleb get dressed, Mickey hopes this audition gets his man the job. Caleb cares more for Colby’s cock than any acting gig. “Well, you have a lot to fill me in on,” Mickey says to Caleb as they walk out of the office. What do you think they talked about?