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Mike & John Carusso

This week, we welcome back two familiar faces in what Caruso is calling ”International buddies.”

First, we have Mike Lobo from Brazil, who has gone on to do more gay porn videos as well as dancing at a fully nude strip club. He’s hot, hung, and has a slim and toned body! And, his thirst for cock has really grown! He can’t seem to ever get enough!

Next, is John Carusso from Venezuela, and though he only goes gay for pay, he does admit that he likes cock and that the sex feels good! So good, that he’s willing to get fucked today! John is dreamy, with dark eyes, a nice build, and he has a beautiful uncut cock!

Both guys have never met each other before but both of them did contact Caruso recently to make some extra cash. So, he figured he would give these two hunks from neighboring countries a chance to explore some more and it was worth every penny!

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