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Guy Lima’s Ass Pounded by Jacob Tyler

Guy Lima and Jacob Tyler are locked in a kiss as the camera rolls, making out until they get a craving for some cock and go down on each other. Taking one another’s dick between their lips, they lick and suck those sweet shafts and 69 next, each guy enjoying head as they lie together on the bed, mouths filled with thick cock as they get even harder.

But Guy is ready to fuck and he lubes Jacob’s cock up, straddling him and easing his tight little hole onto that big shaft as he lets his ass adjust to the size before riding him. Eventually able to move that big dick up and down inside of him, he lets Jacob fill him up, pausing for some oral before changing positions so that he can fuck Guy from a new angle. Jacob holds Guy’s legs apart, his cock buried in that tight ass, pounding Guy while jerks his own dick, yanking on his cock while getting pounded in the ass until he shoots his load and Jacob leans down to suck on that spent cock until he cums and releases his own huge load!

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