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Getting impaled by Edward

Getting impaled by Edward
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I believe the last time I saw Beefcake Edward was on his failed LIVE SHOW in 2018. I say failed just because he got camera shy and my mouth wasn’t there to “help” the things go through, if you know what I am talking about ;). We talked this time of making another LIVE SHOW, and this time I will be there with him to aid him if is necessary, who knows, maybe you guys will end up watching me sucking him live… This time the first thing I noticed was that he has lost a little weight, he still so sexy. I promised him to take him to dinner after the shooting, he was feeling like eating Latin food, well for now he for sure will be having some Latin flavor feeding my mouth and pounding my hole! We cut the chat a lot and I got down fast to business here at BCH headquarters, but I did not cut short my ritual of undressing a sexy straight gay for pay dude in front of me. When I got to the point of touching his underwear, I took my time by rubbing his cock until I felt that “the beast” was up. I pulled the underwear so fast that his cock bounced hard almost hitting my face LOL, but what an amazing view, right Hunters! Then I sucked him frenetically that I got out of breath at some moments, but I continued because I felt so hungry for Edward’s cock, after all, it has been months! The view of him looking down to this cocksucker was hot! He also faced fucked me at the end of the oral service. When the time was right for getting impaled by Edward, I started on my fours, slow at first, then when his cock got well positioned in my wet ass, he moved a little faster and it seems that he remembered that I love getting called names, he is so cute doing that! Because you can tell he doesn’t mean it at all! LOL and then he surprised me with a new position where he went so deep, wow! Taking advantage of the hit of the moment I moved myself to my side so he can fuck me like that as well, and I also rested on my stomach to resemble how he told me he fucks the chicks! I think he liked it! And finally, a missionary position, we all remember how good Edward is fucking in that position… At the end I made him justice with my own hands, jerking him off while I was sucking his nipples, and a couple of minutes later this Sexy Beefcakes gave us a big creamy white load that of course I tested… was yummy! I hope you guys enjoy this Getting impaled by Edward video!


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