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Liam & Matt

Liam is our bait guy and he’s a 42 year old man that’s comfortable with his sexuality and loves to fuck and get fucked by masculine men. And, the more hair, the better! Liam is hot with pretty grey eyes, a nice body, and a fat cock! Matt is our straight guy and he’s just what Liam was craving. He’s tall, hairy, covered in tattoos, and he has a big thick dick!

When Caruso mentioned that both guys would be having a threesome today and asked Matt if he would be fine with that, Matt said yes but he also felt anxious about it. But, he clarified that it was a good anxious. He actually told Caruso and Liam that he’s watched a lot of straight porn in his life and even though he hasn’t done anything with another guy, he’s definitely thought about dicks!

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