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Hot Coffee & Colombia Part 3: The Boys From Bogotá – Nate Wayne & Nolan Martin

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In this new chapter in Bogotá, a college student who lives with his roommates meets a friend from high school at the mall. The most daring and passive boy has a very revealing jockstrap under his clothes, which shows his huge tail and leaves his penis imprisoned, while the other, who is very skinny, has a slip that holds a huge cock. When we say huge we mean HUGE. The passive sucks his nipples to stimulate him and takes his giant hard penis out of his briefs, sucks it off well, sucks it like there’s no tomorrow, fills it with saliva and plays with his penis as if it were a huge lollipop. Then he inserts it into his ass, sits on top of it and starts riding hard, slowly at first, because it hurts but he loves it, he can’t believe he has such a huge erect piece of penis inside his body! He likes it a lot and that makes him moan with pleasure, he jumps and jumps and the asset gets more and more intense and heated. Then he grabs him, puts him on all fours on the couch and starts giving him a cock doggy style, with his ass wide open backwards, in this position he can give him a lot of force. .. Wow, he fucks him non-stop, first with the jockstrack on, then he takes it off and releases the bottom’s cock. They pump like this for a while until the top can’t take it anymore, the bottom kneels down to receive the semen and that’s how it ends up all over his body. Upon receiving the charge, the passive also releases his own with great pleasure, overflowing all that contained euphoria. These guys know how to have a good time in their evenings. The series continues in the next episode called “Colorful Threesome.”


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