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Colby Chambers Meets Adam Awbride

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In today’s ColbyKnox update hottie Adam Awbride slobbers on Colby Knox’s weighty dick. As he blows Adam keeps his beautiful eyes on Colby. Getting head is great. It’s even better when a stud holds eye contact. “Go all the way down,” Colby instructs. “Hold it there.” Adam swallows to the base. After coming up for air, he pays attention to Colby’s balls. “Your mouth is so warm,” Colby says. He wants to eat Adam out so the studs 69. Adam keeps sucking and Colby munches Adam’s hole. “Flex those cheeks for me,” Colby commands. With perfect time, Adam’s bountiful butt cheeks go up and down like a piston. He moans as Colby eats him out. Adam’s bottom is meant to be wrecked and that is what Colby plans to do. Adam sits on Colby’s bare rod. “Fuck. You’re big,” Adam whispers. “It’s hitting my prostate. Fuck.” Adam takes his time, trying to get used to Colby’s size. However, Colby takes the wheel. He grabs two handfuls of Adam’s tush, fucking to the balls. “Fuck that hole,” Adam moans. He gets on his hands knees, arching his back. Colby works his tool back in. As he pounds Adam, he leaves hand prints on that pale tail. Adam gets on his stomach and the pounding gets faster “Fuck you’re deep,” he cries. That juicy ass makes Colby cum. He leaves some inside of Adam. The rest covers Adam’s ass and hole. He gets on his back so he can cum. Plus, Colby still wants to play. The fucking is so intense Adam’s toes curl. “Going to fuck that cum right out of you,” Colby says. And he’s a man of his word. Adam’s load lands on his face, chest, and stomach, leaving a trail of man milk. “Can I cum on your face,” Colby asks. “I have one more.” “Really,” Adam notes in admiration. He sucks on Colby’s balls as Colby jerks his meat. Colby’s second load lands on Adam’s cheek, lips, and tongue. He cleans up all the juice from Colby’s cock. The scene closes with the tired models sprawled all over the bed. Cameramen Mickey Knox wants to know if Adam wants a towel. We all need one after this session!


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