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Two and a half samples of Kyng

Two and a half samples of Kyng only left me wanting more of this sexy Blatino Beefcake from Philadelphia. A construction worker that found himself in a difficult financial situation and somehow found out about the miracles worked at BeefCakeHunter Land; the Land of the helping hand for sexy straight men in need.

At first, I was a little skeptical of getting him down here at the BCH region, but he promised me that he will give us what we want, so I took my chances, and wow! When I just saw him for the first time, I knew I wasn’t wrong about how sexy he is: tall, dark features, sexy and so masculine, hmm 🙂

You can tell at the beginning of the video how serious and nervous he was, and that is perfectly understandable. So, like as I always do, I tried everything possible to make him feel at home and I cut the chat a little. It was a surprise for me how hard he already was when I just started working my way down to his cock. Maybe, it was a mix of anxiety and the lack of attention to his beautiful dick since New Year’s Eve. Anyways that led to the next surprise: an early ejaculation that I believe I cannot take credit for, LOL, yeah he came too soon that I couldn’t hide my surprise and frustration, I was afraid that was it, that there wouldn’t be more, that all those hours waiting for Kyng were in vain, but thankfully they were not, I was just on my way of getting Two and a half samples of Kyng 😉

For the second round he prepared himself by getting hard while I was setting up everything to continue. This time he lasted longer, and I enjoyed being between his legs sucking his cock, not too passionately like I would, trying to avoid another early cumshot, LOL but, again he couldn’t hold it and he just nut. This time I was really confused and afraid that this is it, but now was when the fun for my hungry mouth begun!

I slowly worshiped his cock head and balls, watching him from below was so hot, and what I thought would be a difficult task, was not. He started getting hard again little by little and this time I feasted on his cock, hairy pubic zone and body the way I love. I even was able to get him into the zone when he started showing sexy faces , moaning and he grabbed my head against his cock to fully deep throat action, but again he got close to orgasm, I tried to stop him but I realized that would be too much to ask him, so he came again, just a half this time, but was awesome! I hope you guys enjoy this Two and a half samples of Kyng video.

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