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Adrian Rose & Troy Hardt – Edge

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We decided to pair two furry “otters” up for our latest Edge video! We find Adrian Rose seated comfortably in his chair as Troy Hardt enters the room, asking Adrian if he’s ready. Adrian declares that he is, and Troy gets to work preparing Adrian for his edging. After Adrian is secured to the chair and blindfolded, Troy begins playing with Adrian’s cock through his briefs, then pulls it out to reveal that Adrian is clearly excited already. As Troy begins sucking Adrian’s dick, Adrian moans with pleasure. Troy gives Adrian a thorough cock sucking, stopping occasionally to share a kiss with Adrian before lifting Adrian’s balls out of his briefs and continuing to suck his dick. Troy peels away Adrian’s underwear and gets back to work, stopping to lick Adrian’s nipples as he strokes Adrian’s cock. Troy kisses his way back down to Adrian’s dick and continues where he left off. Troy decides he’d like a bit of a cock-sucking himself, so he stands next to Adrian, releases one of Adrian’s hands, and guides Adrian to his dick. Adrian obliges and does his best to accommodate Troy’s big cock down his throat as Troy continues stimulating Adrian’s dick with his hands. Troy kneels back down before Adrian and resumes his edging. Adrian exclaims that he’s going to cum, so Troy takes a break and stands up again to offer Adrian a cock to suck while he backs down from the edge. The two “rinse and repeat” this sequence a few times, ensuring that Adrian is building up a fat load once Troy decides he’s allowed to shoot it. Troy sucks and strokes Adrian’s cock until Adrian can’t take it anymore. Adrian shoots a thick load onto the side of Troy’s face. Troy sucks the rest of it out, then shares a kiss with Adrian.