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Mickey Knox Rained In with Adam Awbride

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There’s something about spring rain that brings out the horny hormones. In today’s ColbyKnox update Adam Awbride stands in front of a window, watching the rain fall. Mickey Knox comes from behind. “Hey, sexy,” Mickey says. “That rain sounds awesome.” “Yeah. It’s beautiful,” Adam replies. Mickey gently kisses Adam’s back. He turns around and the studs make out. Mickey takes a lick of Adam’s nipple. The two eventually pull away from the embrace. Adam faces the window again; Mickey grabs Adam’s backside. “You’re so fucking hot,” Mickey whispers, pulling down Adam’s shorts. Mickey gets on his knees, placing his tongue in Adam’s hole. “You like that,” Adam asks. Mickey’s tongue work is the perfect answer. He licks and laps the entire opening. “I can’t get enough of your ass,” Mickey declares. “It’s so fucking beautiful.” “Yeah. Help yourself,” Adam says with a grin. His moans fill the room. “You’re going to fuck me now,” he wonders as Mickey stands up. He guides his bare meat into Adam’s wet hole. With his back arched, Adam takes every throbbing inch. Mickey fucks to the balls. “I love watching it going in and out of you,” he observes. “God. Your cock just slides right in,” Adam replies. We get a view from below of Mickey’s rod stretching Adam out. “You have such a sweet ass,” Mickey notes. They move to the couch so Adam can ride. He takes his time but gives control back to Mickey. He grabs Adam’s booty, thrusting up. Adam’s joy button is getting hit because his tool is rock hard, slapping Mickey’s stomach. To Mickey’s delight Adam flexes his cheeks. “Can you actually feel it,” Adam wonders. “Oh, yeah,” Mickey says. He rolls Adam on his back. As Mickey pounds away, he leaves handprints on Adam’s tasty bottom. He starts to beat his meat. “Jerk that cock,” Mickey orders. Adam can only take so much pleasure. He cries out, streaming his chest and stomach with cum. Mickey fucks for a few more strokes before pulling out. He dumps a load on Adam’s stomach. The studs end the video with steamy kissing. Hope you all enjoyed it like they did!