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Jack Taylor & Cain Fonda

Jack has been out of town for a while, but the day he got back he was calling up asking when he could come and give sexy blond boy Cain his big uncut cock. The two had been eyeing each other up on the site for a while, so we knew when we put them together it was gonna be hot. They really don’t let us down in this duo, the passion is there, the sensual lust for each other is palpable, their eagerness to suck cock and taste the other is delicious to watch. When Jack eats out the boy’s hole and eases his cock into his new buddy Cain is in absolute heaven, which is totally understandable, taking it on his back and spooning too, his cock rigid as moans escape his lips. We all know Jack is a skilled top, capable of rampant fucking and some of the most sensual thrusting too, it’s no wonder he makes Cain splash so much cum up his body while the two of them wank over the finish line!

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