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Jos unveils his big prick Dorian hesitates to be fucked raw

Jos Alvarez is one of the nicest guys in the house, but that doesn’t make Dorian Kross any less nervous to get fucked by him, especially after hearing about Jos’s infamously huge cock. But Jos takes care to ease Dorian into it as he teases Dorian’s cock and then pulls his dick out of his underwear, sucking that cock and trying to deepthroat his as he takes it as far into his mouth as he can. When Jos unveils his big prick, Dorian hesitates for a moment but tackles that prick when they 69, each guy choking on a huge mouthful of sweet cock until Jos kicks it up a notch and pulls Dorian to the edge of the bed as he prepares to take that ass.

Pushing into Dorian raw, he goes deep inside, sheathing himself in that ass as Dorian tries to adjust to Jos’s impressive size but moaning with each thrust as Jos moves inside of him. Making Dorian cry out in pain and pleasure, Jos gives it to him harder and rougher, letting Dorian feel every inch as he fucks him, pushing him onto the bed and climbing on behind him as he takes him from another angle. That tight, sweet ass has Jos close to orgasm before long and he pushes in balls deep one last time before pulling out to shoot a huge load. Without warning, Jos buries his drained cock back in Dorian’s ass and fucks him until Dorian nuts too, leaving these guys covered in cum and more than satisfied!

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