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Incident #210 – Sorry Only Gets You So Far

Like most guys who get caught, the first thing out of their mouths is “I’m sorry.” Mind you, these are delinquents who have been saying sorry their entire, albeit brief, adult lives. They can tell it to the judge for all we care. Sorry means jack shit, really. The sooner they get this through their thick skulls, the sooner they can get back into the real world. In the meantime, our favorite response to “Sorry” is to show them exactly how sorry they really are.

This guy is kind of nerdy, and kind of not at the same time. Maybe it’s the glasses, or the fact that he keeps fairly quiet. At any rate, he has a problem, and not a small one. Failing a test, though, is pretty damn serious. We can’t go around having bad tests, can we? That said, I was eager to see how he would react to my cock in his mouth, so we began his repentance session with that. Hot, damn! This 20 year old can suck a cock, and I’m not sure why. I was fairly certain that he would be all teeth, since he is straight and has never given any inclination otherwise. I suppose he either has a natural ability or beginner’s luck. Hopefully it’s the former, because I promise you I will be getting dome from this dipshit again. He almost made me cum just working the head of my cock with his mouth. I almost would have been satisfied with that, but I like those skinny white trash boys’ holes so much that I had to take his ass while I had him out of his clothes.

I asked him to show me his hole. It was more pink and prettier than I ever could have imagined. It certainly looked pristine and beautiful, one of the best assholes I’d seen in months. I got very excited at the prospect of drawing the curtains open on his cunt. As a finally slid my dick into him, I was once again surprised by how good it felt, and how easily he took it. With virgins, there is usually an inverse proportion to how good their holes look and how good of a lay they actually are – not this one. I was fucking him like a common whore, and fucking him hard. Because it felt so good, I fucked him more, harder, and in more positions than I do with most of the residents. It was fantastic, and for the climax, dumping a full load into his blown out hole was the icing on the cake.

I’m not sure if he will fail a piss test again after this, but I’ll be keeping my eye on him for sure. He’s a fine little fuck hole, whether he’s sorry or not.

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