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Derek Shaw & Noah Bentley

Derek Shaw & Noah Bentley
Playful, and flirty, delicious Derek Shaw, and naughty boy, Noah Bentley answer all your questions from twitter, in another exciting, erotic edition of “#Helix!” The boys talk underwear, feet, and nipples, give backstories on favorite scenes, and stars, and y’all even ask Derek when he’ll bottom! Does he answer….. yes, he does! After answering all that, and more, the gorgeous guys REALLY get down to business! Noah worships the hot hunk’s beautiful bod, with kisses, and tongue action in all the right places, before dropping those luscious lips down on Derek’s diamond hard D, and doing his dirtiest. Shaw snakes the sexy twink around; so, he can eat that ass, and heavy hog, in a mouth watering, sexed-up 69. Next, the sultry stud orders his tasty twink to take a ride. Hungry for some hot, hunk- hog, Noah hops on, cock towards cam, and bounces that butt like a beast. After hypnotizing us with his heavy, swaying hammer, Bentley takes Shaw’s supersized shaft like a dirty dog, moaning all the way. Our superstar stud, then eases Bentley onto his back for a biblical butt banging, which brings bottom boy to the brink! Noah jacks his giant till it spits, spewing spunk all over his cum catcher, crotch area. Between his twink’s tight, twitching tunnel, and the sticky sight, Derek detonates, delivering a luscious load of liquid D. He paints the pretty boy’s beautifully chiseled body, with big boy bust, from neck to that already cream covered crotch of his. Then, he certifies this spunk-sticky, ass smash with a delicious, deep kiss.