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Naughty friends – Alejandro Torres & Danny Azcona

We know lot of you have been missing him during the last year and this week our nasty dominant top Alejandro Torres is back with us to show you that he’s always the great fucker that you remember. He’s at our flat watching TV in a sunny morning, while Danny Azcona is in the kitchen. Like every morming Danny woke up with a desire for juicy cock and teases Alejandro, throwing grapes at him. Torres immediately understands what his friend is getting at and gets close, sticking his tongue right in Danny’s mouth. The hands of the Latin bottom find and palpate the huge bulge that Alejandro hides inside his underwear and soon get the cock out to suck and swallow every inch of meat with the sweet mouth. After getting sucked properly, Alejandro impales his buddy bareback right there on the kitchen table and then brings him to the sofa and keeps destroying his asshole in every possible position. Danny rubs his dick, blasting off hot white cream all over his body and Alejandro responds by pounding him even harder, only pulling out his rock hard bone to bust a massive load up his boy’s open ass.

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