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Phoenix River & Richard Buldger

Dirk has a very nice introduction with them and soon after both of our soldiers are sitting next to each other stroking their hard cocks. At first they use their own hands until Richard Buldger suggests that they each use a hand on one another. Phoenix River loves the idea and so they both jack each other off. Richard wants to mix it up and grabs some lube which he pours all over Phoenix’s big dick and begins sliding his hand up and down his rock hard shaft. Richard isn’t scared of some lube and starts sucking on that big dick taking every inch of it down his eager throat. Phoenix doesn’t want Richard to have all the fun so he does the same to him making sure his hard dick is buried down his throat. Richard loves it and becomes super turned on which than he tells Phoenix that he needs to fuck him. Phoenix hard as a rock is ready and he lets Richard slide down on his throbbing dick and once balls deep he begins to ride that hard dick. Phoenix thrusts deep into him pounding his tight hole making Richard squirm with pleasure yet you can see the pain from that big dick. Richard loves to be fucked in different positions so he lets Phoenix fuck him all over the bed until he is ready to cum and than he has him flip him onto his back where he gets the cum fucked right out of him. Once his warm nut is all over the place Phoenix lets his big thick load blast all over Richard.

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