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Free Form Gym Fuck – Colby Chambers & Ty Mitchell

Free Form Gym Fuck – Colby Chambers & Ty Mitchell
In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, the boys are gonna have some free form fun with guest pornstar Ty Mitchell. Mickey Knox joins Ty and Colby Chambers already into their workout, both boys pumping away in different parts of the gym. Mickey gets the boys started doing some lifting and really just having some fun with them. Colby Chambers makes it pretty obvious early on that he is definitely feeling some Ty Mitchell. Mickey lines the boys up to for Ty to do some bench presses while Colby spots him, hovering his big obviously hard dick right around Ty’s face on the bench. Ty inevitably takes the bate and goes right for Colby Chambers big thick cock, sucking him off right there on the weight bench. The boys get back on working out for a few short moments until Colby Chambers catches Ty on the ab wheel with his ass in the air. Unable to resist Ty’s perky tan butt, Colby dives right in for a rimtastic feast. Once Colby has had his fill ,he takes a seat on the bench urging Ty to mount up and hop on.Ty Mitchell rides the hell out of Colby’s big dick until Colby lifts Ty completely off the bench and begins to fuck away at the stud while holding him in mid-air!!! Eventually placing Ty back on the bench and getting in a little face to face missionary fucking, making out with Ty while tapping his tight sexy ass. Colby lifts Ty up on the bar of the weight bench and continues to hammer away at him, leading him to froth and erupt, delivering his first cum shot of the scene. Finally the boys move to the fitness ball and move into Colby’s all time favorite position, doggystyle!!! He pounds the fuck out of Ty until they both synch up and cum at nearly the exact same time!!!!


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