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Vincent Hrad – Street Hunting

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Vincent Hrad is up by a large stadium when he spots someone filming. He starts to chat with the cameraman who asks him for directions to the college dorms. Vincent agrees to show him. Then the camera guy offers some money if Viktor shows his abs. Viktor doesn’t seem interested but is soon persuaded by the offer. He takes some money and lifts his tee shirt to show some skin. He is then offered more if he shows his dick, but he wont do that without going to a more seculded area. He takes more money and walks to somewhere more private and then takes out his cock and shows it off. He then is offered a lot more money if he will suck the camera guys cock. Viktor says that is going too far, he wont do it. But the offer of so much money soon persuades him, as long as they move somewhere else. Finding somewhere much more private he opens the guys pants and releases a stiff cock. Viktor takes hold of it and starts to lick it and then to suck it. He takes the head into his mouth as the hips thrust a little. The cock is nice and hard as it fucks into Viktor’s mouth. Having sucked a while Viktor is easily persuaded to get naked as the cameraman wanks himself. Then Viktor returns to sucking a little. He is soon bent over, showing off his hairy ass hole and feels the big cock pushing deep inside him. The cameraman is Tom Vojak who has a lovely big cock. He likes to fuck hard too and his dick fills Viktor’s tight hole. Viktor takes the big dick well as Tom works it balls deep into his ass. Then Vitkor lays on his back, with his legs in the air, as Tom slides up inside him to fuck some more. That big cock fucks easily into the hairy hole. Viktor takes hold of his own cock and starts to wank it as Tom fucks him. Then Tom pulls out and wanks himself too. He is soon ready to cum and shoots his load over Viktor’s face and chest. Viktor licks the sticky cock head, tasting the cum.